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My current reads, quotes, bullet journal inspirations, music and podcasts. Updated weekly.


quotes + BOOKS

I live by quotes. When I am experiencing a difficult situation, I turn to authors, leaders and wise (mostly) women in history for guidance and more importantly, to remember I’m not alone. I keep a running list of the best quotes I run across in life.

THe bullet journal method

I have been bullet journaling since 2016. Not only does it keep me organized and centered, but it allows me a creative outlet. I recently read part of Ryder Carrol’s bullet journal method to gather some more ideas and am always researching templates to add to mine.


podcasts + MUSIC

I recently invested in airpods and this is definitely my best purchase of 2019 - whoa. Game changer. I love them for working out but even more so for the walks to work where I catch up on podcasts and my Spotify Discover Weekly. Check out my ranked podcast list.